Get on Offense offers email marketing services.

At GetonOffense we help to level the playing field for companies by offering a done-for-you digital marketing service. Your website has a job to do and that job is to transform traffic into leads and sales get more value from your website. 

Transform your business by transforming your internet marketing with state of the art website and email marketing automation. Our personalization and segmentation services will increase your marketing ROI.

Email me at to set up a strategy session so we can discuss moving forward with a roadmap for your business success.

The Get On Offense Playbook

GetonOffense is about setting intelligent goals and building automated interactions from anonymous visitor to subscriber to paid customer on your website and in your email marketing.

Smart Paid Advertising Strategy and Traffic Goals

We advise holding off on paying for traffic until organic traffic is converting properly. Our A/B Testing of Calls to Action until conversions allow for paid traffic to be profitable.

Smart Engagement Goals Next Actions

Smart Content Goals Cornerstone Content

Everyone isn’t pitched! Our intelligent marketing automation only subscribers who are engaged and ready to receive your marketing messages are scored and segmented to be pitched on your services.

Ready to make some customers?

If you market on the internet you have three choices:

  1. The generic approach – treat every website visitor the same.
  2. Somehow figure out who your ideal customer is and market to them.
  3. Personalize your approach – create a marketing system which allows people to self identify to allow people to choose the path which is best for them.

If you want to take visitors from where they are and truly educate as them on your system and methods which is hopefully why they came to you in the first place, then PitchWiser is for you.

Your subscribers are nurtured and educated on the ways they must think if they choose to be your customer. Subscribers are taught how to properly think about your product or service. As time goes on your clients develop trust that you can have a positive ROI impact on their business.  

Smart companies are giving visitors the personalized messaging savvy consumers are expecting. Personal and relevant online experiences are now the norm.   

Pitchwiser has teamed up with the best of email and website personalization technologies into a done-for-you service. Now you can keep up with the Amazon and Netflix’s of the world to capture and keep the attention of your market. 

Our cutting edge website and email personalization can make your marketing the engine of your business growth. Of course, your marketing machine must be built with the right parts.