Does your Website Know the Rules of Internet Marketing?

I’m Stephen Brooks, as the founder of GetOnOffense and over the years I’ve learned a lot about selling online.

Internet Pitching’ is different from ‘face-to-face pitching’. For one thing, ‘ with face-to-face pitching’ you want to set the frame and make the deal. 

Internet Pitching, on the other hand, is a process, that relies on automation to be effective. In order to be truly effective, your website needs to be working in tandem with your email marketing. If your website isn’t helping to automatically develop prospects with a personalized exchange of information then you’ve been playing the wrong game.

It’s time to start paying by the new rules of Internet Marketing.

The Easy Way to Market your website

There is a right way and a wrong way to attract, segment and pitch your audience.

Does your website automatically segment customers for your email marketing?

The issue many websites have is they don’t or can’t automatically break their audience down into customer groups so each market segmentation receives its own personalized website experience.

This lack of a personalized website and email experience results in visitors, subscribers, and customers who don’t feel relevant and engaged with your messaging.

Websites that don’t cater to market segments are unproductive. Lacking proper reactive messaging a website can’t be relied upon to produce consistent sales and business growth.

Too many companies online presence has a flat generic quality because their messaging lacks purpose because it tries to be all things for all website visitors. With proper marketing segmentation and reactive personalization, every visitor to your website who now receives the same generic experience will benefit from a more robust, relevant and personalized experience.

Optimize free traffic first.

Another problem that plagues the internet marketing world is paid advertising burnout. Companies are sold on the riches to be made from scaling traffic only to find out their conversion rates are too low to make paid Facebook, Google and Bing paid traffic work for them.

Marketers soon discover that if their’s is a website that can’t convert organic or free traffic at a high enough rate will never support paid traffic such as Facebook ads or Google Adwords ads.

When addressing your website visitors with segment-specific calls to actions and sales offerings there is only one best thing to present to them right now.

Your sales approach should match your copywriting.

We’ll talk about this in other post but let it be said that the voice of the customer is a very important component in writing copy for your website. VOC expert Hannah Shamji states that Voice of the customer data is less useful if you stay in general terms.

You need to segment both your sales copy and your sales offers so that you create specific messages to stimulate prospects from your different customer segments to option and eventually to purchase what you offer.

After all your website has a job to do

Your website’s job is to transform traffic into leads and sales.

But just like a conversation, you can easily be sending the wrong message just by optimizing for your anonymous visitors. So lack of personalization is a hallmark to an underperforming website.

Now think about your website. You don’t necessarily want to speak to your entire market in a generic sense because it has different segments with different pains, needs, and desires.

What choice do I have?

If you think automatic visitor segmentation, website, and email personalization is only for enterprise-level companies, then think again? While enterprise companies do benefit from our service, you don’t need one million hits per month in order to benefit from a boost in conversion rate.

The solution is to always pitch the appropriate offer.

If you said: How is that even possible? you are not alone.  Use surveys to break your audience down into market segment groups.

Ask your audience questions which immediately change the user experience. Our market segmentation and personalization services, aka The GetOnOffense Method, give an immediate boost to low performing websites and email marketing campaigns.

Our website optimization service provides the answer to low ROI websites.

By always keeping your website and your email marketing software in sync you can always tell who someone is, what stage of the marketing lifecycle they are at if they are engaged with your messaging.  An important item to note is for every website visitor and email subscriber there is one best thing to present to them right now. Some subscribers are ready to be pitched while others still need to be educated and nurtured on how you conduct business.

We at GetOnOffense feel there is a right way and a wrong way to survey, segment and pitch your audience. So pitch everyone according to where they are in your sales lifecycle.

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